Waitresses or Former Waitresses, What’s the Most Bizarre/Inappropriate Experience You’ve had with a Customer?

1) joannagoanna wrote, “One customer asked me out and when I said no, he waited outside after closing until I left, then stepped out of the alley behind the back door. Luckily my co-worker hadn’t left, so when I gave a startled yelp, he came out and walked me home. The guy never said anything or came back, thankfully.”

2) IfWishezWereFishez wrote this:

“I worked at a Wingstop. We had a regular customer who ordered the same thing 1-2 times a week for months. One day he came to pick up his order and told me that the last time, his wings had been super overcooked and dry. He’d never complained before, so I figured it was a legit complaint and gave him his order on the house.

“Somehow he took this as a declaration of love and started behaving really inappropriately. He asked me out frequently, called me at work all the time, that kind of thing. I told him I wasn’t interested and he didn’t listen. The store manager told him to leave me alone and he didn’t listen.

“Then one day I took the trash out and he was hiding behind the dumpster and attacked me. Luckily another employee came out a minute later to take out more trash, and he pulled the guy off of me or who knows what would have happened. He [the attacker] took off, and I never saw him again.”

3) N4U534 wrote, “This group of guys used to come in every day as soon as we opened. The youngest was probably in his 30s or 40s; the oldest was in his 70s. Sometimes it was just one, but it could be as many as four. There was one guy who would usually come in a little later than the others. When he’d meet them, he’d usually say hi to me. At first it was just, ‘Hi, n4u534,’ then he started calling me gorgeous, and then once he called me sexy. I was really uncomfortable, but shortly after that my managers stopped scheduling me to open so I thought it was a non-issue. Like a year and a half later, my managers wanted me to open again. I knew that meant I’d have to deal with those guys. Sure enough, they still ate there. I guess the creepy guy from before got the hint because he didn’t say anything weird after that. But then one of his friends got started on it, too. This was a few years ago, but I do remember he implied that I was a stripper. And he took an ice cube, put it against my neck, and said, ‘There, I just made you wet.’ After that I’d had enough and told my managers. I had to fill out an incident report, then the GM [General Manager] and an associate manager came in early to tell the guys they’d have to cut it out or they’d be banned. They got mad about being called out, and said something about how they’d been coming in there for years and now they wouldn’t ever come back. Which was no big loss to us. I did see one guy again a few months later, but it was just him and his wife. And one of the other guys died. I wasn’t particularly sad about it.”

Source: elhaupto, “Waitresses or Former Waitresses, what’s the most bizarre/inappropriate experience you’ve had with a customer?” AskWomen. Reddit. 20 November 2016


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