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Dante’s Inferno: Canto 1 Retelling — The Dark Wood of Error

Chapter 1: The Dark Wood of Error Just before Good Friday, April 8, 1300, Dante woke up to find himself in a dark wood. How he got there he did not know because he had wandered from the correct path … Continue reading

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Well Done, President-Elect Trump

For some stories of good deeds and anecdotes and cosplay, check out the rest of Check out David Bruce’s PATREON Page Download free eBooks, including books for teachers, by David Bruce here: Romance Books by Brenda Kennedy … Continue reading

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“What’s a Time You’ve Helped a Girl (Who was a Stranger) [Get Away] from a Creepy Guy?”

Here are some replies: 1) Kemokiro, a woman, wrote this: “When I’ve seen women trapped by guys, with panic and searching-for-an-escape-route look in their eyes, I’ve either told them I had just started my period and asked for a tampon, or … Continue reading

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“How Would you Want to be Supported by a Male Stranger If You Get Harassed?”

UserMaatRe asked this question on r/askwomen and added, “I have once or twice been in a situation where I have been a guy witnessing some harassment in a situation where a woman couldn’t simply walk away, and have intervened — … Continue reading

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Kaylee Rogers: Hallelujah

NOTE: Kaylee Rogers’ music is for sale on Amazon, etc. A 10-year-old girl from Northern Ireland has wowed people around the world after a video of her singing in her school choir went viral. Girl With Autism Sings A Stunning … Continue reading

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President Trump: One of Our Greatest, Kindest, and Best Presidents?

President-elect Donald Trump intends to do away with Obamacare and replace it with something better. In fact, something is better: Medicare for all, regardless of age and paid for by taxes. If President Trump brings about Medicare for all, he … Continue reading

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Ivanka Trump Boots

SOURCES: Ivanka Trump Women’s Livi Boot (Amazon) “These Ivanka Trump items are NOT made in the USA. They were outsourced from factories in other countries!” — S. Tran (1 Star Review) Ivanka Trump Women’s Issa Boot (Amazon) “These Chinese … Continue reading

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