CARRIER: Trump Saves US Jobs?

Donald Trump claimed a victory in keeping 800 jobs in the US (some sources say 1,000 jobs) by giving CARRIER tax incentives.

Another way to look at it is to say that CARRIER is still moving 600 (rather than 1,400) jobs to MEXICO and now CARRIER has taxpayer money (in the form of those tax incentives [“$7 million worth of tax breaks from the state of Indiana over the next 10 years, a spokesman for the Trump transition told The Huffington Post.”]) to pay for moving those jobs to Mexico.

A prediction for the future is that anytime a company wants to move 1,000 jobs to Mexico, it will announce that it is moving 2,000 jobs to Mexico. It will then negotiate tax incentives to keep 1,000 jobs in the US. That way, US taxpayers will pay to move US jobs to Mexico.

For More Information:

David Shepardson and Ginger Gibson. “Carrier To Keep Jobs In U.S. After Trump Offers State Incentives.” Reuters. 30 November 2016

Arthur Delaney. “Donald Trump Takes Victory Lap At Carrier Plant.” Huffington Post. 1 December 2016

“United Technologies, Carrier’s parent company, will move forward with closing a separate Indiana plant and laying off 700 workers.”

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