“What is the BEST Display of Wealth You’ve Ever Seen?”

Here are some replies:

1) pez13 wrote, “When my mother was sick, we created a GIVEALITTLE page for donations towards her treatment we couldn’t afford. After half a day of the page being up, someone anonymously donated $15,000, double what we needed. Still don’t know who it was to this day.”

2) MrSlowly4 wrote, “I was lucky enough to attend a very nice private school that taught kids from JK (junior kindergarten) through 12th grade with tuition about $20k per year. A classmate of mine’s family, after having paid the way for their four kids to go through all 13 grades, also paid full tuition every year for their housekeeper’s five children to go through the same school.”

3) kingchobo wrote, “I was a chef in a fancy boutique hotel here in New Zealand, and we used to get the famous and wealthy staying with us. Cliff Richard, serj tankian, and Nancy Cartwright are a few guests whom I was lucky enough to meet. However, [about] the wealth thing, we had a sheik of an oil country (well, I’m assuming he was a sheik, or just an Arabian dude rocking the flowing robes and hat) came over to the pass [back?] and complimented us on the meal and asked how many staff in the kitchen, including kitchen hands and waitstaff; it was something like 12 or 13. The guy just peels off that number of hundy [hundred-dollar] notes and gives everyone a hundred-dollar tip. Pretty cool and nothing as obnoxious as gold Ferraris or anything.”

4) Fugalista1 wrote this:

“My grandfather was a landscaper for one of the wealthiest families in his town.

“All along the years, they were always very generous, giving him large Christmas bonuses and extra money during the year for reasons like they lived the rich hue of the roses that year.

At age 86 (I know!) grandpa saw a doctor for the first time and was told he had to stop working. All the bending over caused eye problems.

“The family continued to pay him his weekly salary and maintain his health insurance until he died (at 100). They then sent $20,000 to the funeral home to ‘defray’ some of the costs.

“Mom and I would occasionally go up there when he was working, and if she was home the matriarch would come out and sit with us, and have us served iced tea with mint and the most delicious cookies. Just really nice folks.”

Duckbuttercornpone commented:

“If it wasn’t for the ages you posted, I would have thought this was my employer. Their longtime landscaper had to quit working due to cancer and they refused his resignation. They kept him on the payroll until his death six years later and paid for the best care M.D. Anderson can provide.

“They also paid for my mother’s care when she suffered some heart problems […] and have done similar things for other employees.

“My boss has a secretary who has worked for his family for over 40 years and when she retired, very wealthy as they share the wealth, she and her husband had some pretty grand travel plans. Sadly her husband unexpectedly passed away shortly after, leaving her devastated. The boss brought her back to work in the position of looking after the wellbeing of our small 25-person office to keep her busy and her mind occupied. Not only does it make her happy, but now 25 people have a woman whom we all revere and love deeply looking after us doing things like making sure the kitchen is stocked with our favorite snacks to making sure we are covered if we perhaps need to leave early to take a kid to soccer practice or something like that. It turned into a worthwhile experiment because her position has an annual discretionary budget of $250,000 yet since its inception productivity has been through the roof. People no longer stress about how to manage their work/home lives without conflict, and in return it becomes a privilege to work hard for this company.”

5) rcrem wrote, “My dad noticed our house cleaner often seemed like she was in pain and asked about it. She hadn’t been to the dentist in years (single mom/broke/no insurance) and needed several thousand dollars of work done. He offered to pay for it all and she now has a beautiful smile and is no longer in pain. Since then she and her son have become part of the family.”

6) ifonlyjackwashere wrote this:

“When I worked at a casino years ago, we had this amazing lady who operated the TAB (for betting on anything that wasn’t table games or pokies), she’d been around for as long as anyone could remember, was always bright and bubbly at work no matter what she had going on outside of it. One day she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, operable, but at a cost of over $80,000. She was panicking and didn’t know how she was going to cover the costs.

“Being in a casino, and being there as long as she was, she knew everyone there was to know who was a big player. Within a week of word getting out, we had over 15 patrons who were willing to outright pay for her operation, but we couldn’t take their money as it would be seen as taking gratuities from patrons, which was highly forbidden. In the end, her daughter set up a GOFUNDME to raise funds for it, the patrons caught word again and within five days they had raised over half a million dollars towards her operation. She was flown to the best brain surgeon in Australia, and the operation was a complete success. Her daughter used the remaining money to start a foundation in her mother’s name that helps provide financial aid to those with medical needs, and helps fund research into brain tumors and surgeries, and is still donated to regularly by some of the casino’s top spending patrons.”

Source: THATF[**]KINAUSSIE. “What is the BEST display of wealth you’ve ever seen?” Reddit. 30 November 2016


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