“What’s a Time You’ve Helped a Girl (Who was a Stranger) [Get Away] from a Creepy Guy?”

Here are some replies:

1) Kemokiro, a woman, wrote this:

“When I’ve seen women trapped by guys, with panic and searching-for-an-escape-route look in their eyes, I’ve either told them I had just started my period and asked for a tampon, or started yelling, ‘Dude, I’ve been looking for your [*]ss. What the f[**]k? C’mon’ in the most high-pitched voice I can muster and grabbed her coat sleeve and led her away.

“I had one tiny, tiny lady rescue me. She started yelling, ‘So you cheating on my son now? Who is this?’ She started cussing me out in Spanish and the guy left quickly. We laughed so hard. I hugged her, and she told me her Mama Bear senses were tingling, so it was her duty.”

2) jumpedupjamboree wrote this:

“Out at the bar by myself, and at the start of the night I was chatting with a girl who was out with her sister and her sister’s boyfriend.

“A few hours later, the same girl came up to me at the bar again, but now she’s very drunk and tells me she can’t find her sister, and she thinks they left without her. I offered to give her a ride home if she had her house keys to get in. About this time, some random guy comes up and starts talking to her, pulling her arm and trying to get her to come with him to some ‘party’ somewhere else.

“I told him to back off and he gave me this look that was clearly like… he looked at me, decided I wasn’t hot enough for his attention, and then just ignored me and started trying to pull her off somewhere again. I actually took him by the chin and turned his head so he was looking at me, told him I wasn’t going to be that easy to ignore, and that he wasn’t taking her anywhere — she’s drunk, I’m taking her home, end of story.

“He shook my hand off and then stormed off. I took Drunky out to my car and drove her home and then watched to make sure she got in safe, and never saw her again.

“I was definitely more physically confrontational than most folks would be, but my bar was a very safe space for me. I know all the staff there and knew if something happened the bartenders would back me up. Plus, most of these creeps are afraid of real confrontation anyway — they want the drunk girl because she’s easy to get, they’re not up for a fight.”

3) DeyCallMeTater wrote, “I don’t particularly go out anymore but when we used to, I’ve definitely done the whole sidle in next to a girl in trouble and be like ‘OMG! [OH, MY GOD!] GIRL! Your shoes are the cutest!’ and just do the squeally thing and gush over her when she’s obviously trying to avoid a creepy dude talking to her. The squeals really repel those guys, and I find other women are quite good at telling you with their eyes that they want to be rescued from that guy. I always got a heartfelt thank you for this. It’s so important to learn how to navigate a subtle extraction and it’s something my girls and I learned pretty quickly in our club rat days lol [laughing out loud]. Too outright and you can p[*]ss a guy off and then sh[*]t becomes dangerous.”

4) altergeeko, a woman, wrote this:

“I was at a bar with my girlfriends. This guy is wandering table to table trying to get laid and failing because he was telling people his main objective.

After he hit up every table, including ours, he cornered a waitress. I’ve worked in customer service and I knew she could not tell him to f[**]k off.

“It was clear she was uncomfortable and just couldn’t get out of it. So I say, ‘Excuse me, waitress!’ I don’t usually word it like that but she came running over asking what I needed. I said, ‘Oh, nothing, I just wanted to get you away from that guy.’ She thanked me profusely and gave me a free double shot of anything I wanted.”

5) jpickle82 wrote, “She’s not a stranger, but I’ve helped my best girlfriend [escape] from a creepy stranger. She had just purchased a new home, and I was over one night hanging out while she showed me around. Some guy came to her door while I was over. He was going door to door offering to put peepholes in the front door for $20. She said ok. (Dumb.) He was an older guy and didn’t seem too creepy until he was finishing up. He kept talking and wouldn’t leave, and then he started complimenting her and making remarks about her body and figure, and I could tell she was getting uncomfortable. I said, ‘Hey, we’ve got to start getting ready, we’re having a get-together and people will be here soon,’ to give her an out. So she said, ‘I’ve got to go, thanks again,’ and he said, ‘I’m not leaving until I get a hug from you,’ and started moving in to hug her. She was backed against a wall with nowhere to go, so I literally jumped between them and said, ‘It’s time for you to go.’ He left without incident, but it was seriously creepy. I’m glad I was there.”

Source: InspiredBlue, “What’s a time you’ve helped a girl (who was a stranger) from a creepy guy?” Reddit. 21 December 2016 <http://tinyurl.com/jxkw6o2>.

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