Recommended Reading: SUN/Jan 29, 2017

New York Times

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Mark Morford: “This way to the resistance: Your guide to defying the Trumpocalypse” (SF Gate)

The assaults are coming fast and vicious. We are no longer a full democracy. It does not matter if you’re working-class or “elite,” midwestern or coastal, Repub or Dem, blue or red or anything in between: Trump and his GOP flying monkeys mean everyone ill.

Josh Voorhees: The First Week in Donald Trump’s Kleptocracy Was Very, Very Kleptocratic (Slate)

These developments aren’t the unfortunate but unavoidable byproduct of having a businessman in the Oval Office; they’re the result of that businessman and the company he built acting in their own self-interest. It’s not an accident that those interests align, either. President Trump is running the nation just as he ran his business: to maximize his own profits.


Josh Marshall: The Republican Congress is Responsible (TPM)

For political and moral reasons, it is important to remember that very little of what the President is now doing is possible without a compliant Congress. Executive orders in most cases fill in the blanks that legislation leaves to the President’s discretion. So this isn’t just a matter of the sway a Congress of the President’s party can exercise over him, which is substantial. In many or most cases, Executive Orders and Actions can literally be overruled with new legislation.

Associated Press: Judge Bars US From Deporting Travelers With Valid Visas Covered By Trump Order (TPM)

Alternate Title: A Grown-Up is in the Room.


Cristian Ferias: Court Temporarily Blocks Parts Of Trump’s Syrian Refugee And Travel Ban (Huffington Post)

The stay applies nationwide and covers those travelers detained at airports or stranded mid-travel.

Mary Pappenfuss: Striking New York Cabbies Join Airport Protest Against Trump’s Muslim Crackdown (Huffington Post)

Drivers slam the president’s “inhumane and unconstitutional ban.”

Why Reservoir Dogs is really an anti-violence film (BBC)

Quentin Tarantino’s debut is remembered for its style, its soundtrack, and most of all, its graphic violence. Looking back 25 years on, Nicholas Barber takes a fresh look.

Henry Rollins: My Tour Is Over. Now the Depression Creeps In (LA Weekly)
There are a lot of things about the limitations of life on the road that I prefer to real life. The comparative lack of options serves me well. This is probably a result of conditioning but there is something really great about putting myself into a few things with great intensity, rather than a lot of things with far less.


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