Donald Trump and Scott Spicer: “Ban”




Louis Nelson: “Spicer takes issue with ‘ban’ label used by Trump.” Politico. 31 Jan 2017

Esme Cribb: “Spicer Insists There’s No ‘Travel Ban’ Though He And Trump Describe It As One.” TPM. 31 Jan 2017

Brad Reed: “CNN on-screen graphic destroys Sean Spicer for denying Trump’s travel ban is a ban” Raw Story. 31 Jan 2017

Paul Krugman: Twitter

I sent this email to my Ohio Senators Sherrod Brown and  Ron Postman on 31 Jan 2017:

President Trump’s “Ban” — he used this word in a Tweet — of Muslims from seven countries goes too far. Certainly, Muslims with a green card ought to be allowed in, especially those lived here and left only to visit families for a short time. Ohio University had many Muslim students of good characters who should be allowed to get their education in Athens, Ohio. Some Muslims who have acted as translators for the US military are heroes and ought to be allowed in the US.

Unfortunately, some people are predisposed to think of Muslims as being terrorists. Obviously, as this story shows, they are not:

“Oh My God, the Girl is Still Alive”

On 9 September 2004, a terrorist bomb exploded at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Nine people died, including the suicide bomber and the mother of Elizabeth “Manny” Musus, age five. Manny was severely injured in the explosion, but Ahmad Usman, an air-conditioning worker and devout Muslim, rescued her. Manny’s Italian stepfather, Manuel Musu, and Manny were able to meet Mr. Usmna. Mr. Musu said, “I told Manny, ‘this is the man who held you the last time and put you in the hospital, so we must say thank you to him.’ But she’s a little bit shy with people she doesn’t know. I’m so grateful to meet him. Of course, it is a natural thing for me to meet the guy who saved my daughter’s life.” Mr. Usman was working at the time of the terrorist bombing. He ran toward the site of the bombing, where he saw many bloody people. He also saw an injured Embassy security guard trying to help a little girl: Manny. Her mother was lying nearby, dead. Because Manny’s wounds were so bad, he thought at first that she was dead. But he picked her up and carried her outside. A car stopped, and its driver motioned for him to get inside. He got in, and then Manny began to move. Mr. Usman said, “I was saying, ‘Oh my God, the girl is still alive.’ She was trembling and saying, ‘Mama, Mama.’” The driver drove them to the hospital. Mr. Usman was crying because he was remembering his own daughter who had died when she was only three months old because of brain inflammation. He said, “It made me sad because it reminded me of my daughter who died. The eyes of the little girl reminded me of my daughter.” Photographs of Mr. Usman’s rescue appeared in magazines, making his six-year-old son, Rido, proud. Rido showed the photographs of his father to his friends and said, “This is my father.”

Source of the Information about Ahmad Usman: Cindy Wockner, “Manny meets her savior.” Free Republic and Herald Sun. 25 September 2004 <>.

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