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Trump’s McCarthyism

Source: http://imgur.com/gallery/aMKGf

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GOPCARE, TRUMPCARE: “A lot of people are going to die miserable, painful deaths. “

TPM Reader EE writes: I work in a nursing home and it seems that no-one is talking/asking questions about the devastating effect the medicaid cuts will have on nursing home residents and their families. Families, including middle and upper income families, will … Continue reading

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Uninspirational: Eat Like No One Is Going To See You Naked

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Dante’s Paradise: Canto 14 Retelling — Sun — Solomon; Mars — Symbolic Cross

Chapter 14: Sun — Solomon; Mars — Symbolic Cross When Thomas Aquinas spoke in his circle of souls, words rippled inward to the center, where Dante and Beatrice stood. Now Beatrice spoke, and words rippled outward to the circles of … Continue reading

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