“What was Something You Saw You were Definitely Not Supposed to See?”

Here are some answers:

1) superfly355 wrote, “While I was growing up with my little brother and single mom, we never had a lot, but she made sure we always had a safe and decent place to live and there was always food on the table. She never really ate much. I remember dinners of baked chicken, beef stew, salmon (it was a lot cheaper a million years ago)… good food, nothing terribly extravagant, but always nutritious, yet she barely ever ate. When I was 10, I saw her eating pb&j on crackers in her room after dinner. That’s when I realized there was never enough food for all 3 of us, she would cook what we had for my brother and me and she would eat the bare minimum, always out of sight, so that my brother and I wouldn’t worry about the actual level of poverty we were at. I never asked for another material thing from her after that night.”

2) Blipnoodle wrote, “After my little girl’s mum and I split up and I had her most of the time, being an apprentice with stupid amounts of bills I’d only normally cook dinner for my little girl (then two years old) and I’d eat what she didn’t. One night we had chicken bits, I think. And I had a few and after I’d finish mine, I looked at her eating hers and smiled at her, and she put some of hers onto my plate. I said, ‘No, you eat them,’ and she insisted. ‘You sure, little bug?’ (what I call her), and she said, ‘Yes! You are my daddy!’ I almost cried. Makes my heart melt.”

Source: MakeYourMarks, “What was something you saw you were definitely not supposed to see?” Reddit. 23 May 2017 <http://tinyurl.com/ma42zdq>.

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