“What’s One of the Nicest Things a Female Stranger has Done for You?”

Here are some answers:

1) allYELLOWerrythang wrote these stories:

  • “One night in college I was out getting hammered with my best friend, but my best friend got wwwwwwaay too drunk to even function. She threw up on the sidewalk and passed out (literally in the middle of the sidewalk while we were attempting to walk), and I was way too drunk to get the both of us all the way back to my apartment. So I was just sitting on the sidewalk near some bushes with my friend, wondering wtf [what the f**k] to do when this glorious angel of a woman walks up to me, asks if we are okay, and despite my dumb drunk [*]ss saying we are okay, she offered to give me and my passed-out friend a ride home. We really didn’t have many options, it was take the ride or sleep in the bush, so I accepted her offer. I don’t remember her name, what she looked like, walking to her car, but we made it home safely that night because of her and I will always be so thankful for that. 
  • “I was at a popular bar in college and was walking out of the bathroom with a long trail of toilet paper stuck to my shoe & she stepped on it while I was walking away and prevented me from looking like an [*]sshat. I’m assuming she didn’t want to embarrass me by mentioning it to me, because she didn’t say anything, just stepped on the toilet paper trail and saved the day. The only reason I knew was because my husband saw and told me about how she saved me. I turned around and said thanks and she gave me a thumb’s-up. It’s such a stupid thing, but I love that girl wherever she is today!”

2) Cassele85 wrote, “I rode my bike 50 minutes to work and then 50 minutes back home everyday for five years. In my second year of doing this, a car pulls over and parks 100 yards ahead of me and this middle-aged woman gets out with one of those neon vests you see construction workers/nighttime runners and walkers wearing for higher visibility. She told me she saw me riding my bike everyday to work and worried about my safety as I rode in the dark and had reflectors only on my bike. She gives me the vest, and I put it on and thank her. I wore it every day on my ride to and from work until I moved to the city and it was stolen along with my saddlebags.”

3) Kemokiro wrote, “I was in a mall, hands full of bags and this dude kept impeding my progress while hitting on me. This teeny, tiny lady caught my look of distress, marched over, started yelling at me asking who the dude was and asking if I was cheating on her son. She started cussing me out in Spanish and his creepy [*]ss left. We cracked up after he walked away. I thanked her and she said, ‘No problem. That was fun!’”

4) B[*]tt-Factory wrote, “I was walking home from work at night when I was attacked from behind on the street. The guy tackled me to the ground and started trying to take my pants off. I was so shocked that I couldn’t scream. I wrestled with him for a bit, and then I heard a woman screaming bloody murder from across the street. She successfully scared the guy off, called the police, and even went down to the station at 3am to identify him. Because he attacked me from behind, I couldn’t see his face. She really saved my [*]ss.”

5) boooops1234 wrote these stories:

  • “Moved states and went to a new high school. My first day at lunch I sat at a random empty table and a group of four girls who sat there everyday came up. I was so nervous. They ended up being so nice and welcoming to me. Eight years later, we all live together and they are my best friends. It had a huge impact on me and I think about it all the time lol [laughing out loud]. 
  • “I live in a city where the ‘no one is nice’ stereotype is relatively true. I was walking to work and it started pouring rain out of nowhere. A woman who was walking in the same direction as me for a few blocks whipped out her umbrella and invited me under. It was so random and kind, and I’ll never forget it. 

6) palacesofparagraphs wrote, “In high school, my friends and I made it a mission to take care of anyone who looked lost or alone. On the first day of 10th grade, we spotted a new student looking awkward in the corner and swarmed him to insist he come talk to us and sit with us. He became one of my best friends, but I do think we scared him a little bit that first day.”

7) Sand­_Dargon wrote, “She saw me getting harassed by a guy at a bar when I was repeatedly telling him I was not interested (I was actually waiting on another friend of mine) and she came up, squealed delightedly, got between me and the guy and hugged me, then started a loud and animated conversation with me. Eventually, she dragged me back towards her table with her boyfriend and friends and the persistent [*]sshole got the idea that I was otherwise occupied and went to go bother someone else. I had never seen that girl before in my entire life.”

Source: satanspebble, “What’s one of the nicest things a female stranger has done for you?” Reddit. AskWomen. 29 April 2017 <http://tinyurl.com/kjh26gf>.

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