“What’s the Kindest Thing a Stranger has Ever Done for You?”

Here are some answers:

1) hebejebez wrote, “My kid tripped on an escalator once, and it sliced his finger open. I’m carrying this screaming ball of tears back to the car, he was refusing to even show me the finger and was just absolutely inconsolable, and a kind older lady came out of nowhere and started talking to him and he immediately calmed down (because he was on his best behavior for a stranger) and let us look at his finger and patch him up. Thank you, stranger lady.”

2) Sarahadeline wrote, “So this one time I was taking the bus home after work and I was crying. I hate crying in public, but this was unavoidable. There were just uncontrollable tears streaming down my face, no matter how hard I tried to stop. Anyways, so it’s time for me to get off the bus, and I stand by the back door waiting for it to open. Right as the doors open, this guy tapped my arm and said something like, ‘Here, looks like you could use this. I hope your night gets better.’ This guy handed me a bottle of wine. I didn’t really have time to react, so I took it, thanked him, and hopped off the bus. It might have been weird to assume I wanted to drink my sorrows away, but I honestly thought it sweet. It was totally unexpected and definitely unnecessary, but it made my night.”

3) skbloom wrote, “Young waitress living on my own. I had $60 total in my pocket and needed a new tire for my car. I could afford to pay only $50, so I’d have enough left for gas. I went to this place and told them what I needed and how much I could spend. This guy, probably the owner of the place, came out and looked at my tires and told me not to go anywhere and that he’d fix me up. Put four new tires on my car for $50. I’ve never forgotten his kindness. I cried. To this day, if I can help someone, I do.”

4) todayonbloopers wrote, “I had to use the WC [Water Closet, aka Bathroom] SO BAD in a shopping center. Every stall had spiders. I paced around the sink area whimpering and wondering what to do. A woman came in and I think she asked me something like, ‘Are you okay? What’s wrong?’ and I just choked out, ‘S-spiders…’ and she returned in English, ‘Spiders? Hah!’ and then she went into EACH stall and crushed every. single. one. I fell in love that day and she’ll never know ;)”

5) clekas wrote this:

“These probably aren’t necessarily the three nicest things strangers have ever done for me, but for some reason, they stick out in my mind:

  • “I was hung over one morning at a 7-11 and really wanted a fountain soda. I filled it up, grabbed a string cheese, and made my way to the cash register. Their credit card machine was down. Sadly, I did not have any cash on me. A lovely woman paid for my fountain soda and my string cheese. I offered to put the string cheese back, but she insisted.
  • “I was waiting for a bus when a man started to harass me. It started out pretty typically, but escalated and he put his hand on my thigh. I kind of froze. A few young teenage girls yelled at him and surrounded me to make sure he wouldn’t return. I am forever grateful for them.
  • “I was on swimming in a small swimming spot on vacation — it’s popular enough that a decent number of people know about it, but it’s not insanely crowded. The bottom of the sea in the area is covered in rocks. I kept trying to get out, but being short and having a weak upper body, I was having trouble pulling myself up. It didn’t help that my foot kept slipping on an algae-covered rock. Two teenage girls helped me out.

“As an aside, I’ve found teenage girls to be some of the nicest people when it comes to doing little things to help strangers, and I hate that they get a bad rap and are often presented as self-absorbed, etc.”

6) raine0227 wrote, “I was having a really rough week. I was helping a suicidal friend, dealing with my now partner breaking up with his girlfriend of five years, and trying to graduate college. I desperately needed some ice cream. So I go to the store, pick out my tub of delicious Ben and Jerry’s. and my card is denied. I was five cents short, so I apologize to the cashier and turn to put it away when he says, ‘No worries, I got you.’ That kind cashier working the late shift paid for my ice cream. On the way back home, I got a call from my suicidal friend that he needed someone so I took my ice cream to his town 45 minutes away in the completely unsafe area of St. Louis and stayed until he was feeling ok and made sure he was with people who cared. My now partner was stressed and ended up calling it quits with his girlfriend that night and showed up on my doorstep when I got home at 2am, not knowing what to do with himself. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that help you through the tough stuff, and that $3 pint of ice cream meant a lot to me.”

Source: manicpixiesadgirl, “What’s the Kindest Thing a Stranger has Ever Done for You?” Reddit. AskWomen. 24 May 2017 <http://tinyurl.com/k9g4bmd>.

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