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William Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure”: A Retelling in Prose — Act 2, Scene 3

— 2.3 — Duke Vincentio, who was now disguised as a friar, met the Provost. “Hail to you, Provost!” the disguised Duke Vincentio said. Then, realizing that he was disguised as a friar and was not supposed to personally know … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading: Trump

Paul Krugman: Trump’s Energy, Low and Dirty (NY Times Column) Risking the planet to keep a lie alive. Elisabeth Rosenthal: We All Have Pre-existing Conditions (NY Times) Renée Martin was thrown into an unaffordable high-risk pool because of an abnormal Pap … Continue reading

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I See a Lot of Posts [in AskWomen] About Bad/Creepy Interactions with Guys. What are Your Positive/Good Interactions with Them?

1) Snowdrift 430 wrote this: “The vast majority of my interactions with men are good or great or just normal and unremarkable. My SO [Significant Other], my best friend, my regular friends, my dad, my colleagues, people I interact with… almost … Continue reading

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