LeDajrick Cox: Hero

In June 2017, LeDajrick Cox, age 18, graduated from Carter High School in Dallas, Texas. He celebrated with four friends, and at approximately 1:45 a.m., the female in his group of friends was cat-called by three men in a Kia Optima. Mr. Cox and the three other men in his group of friends stood up for her. He attempted to make peace with the men in the Kia Optima and even shook hands with them. Mr. Cox and his friends then left in their car, but the men in the Kia Optima followed and opened fire. Mr. Cox was hit in the head and in the side, and he died. Two other males in the car were hit, but they survived. His father, Reginald Henry, said about him, “He just wanted to do the right thing, wanted to achieve, just tried so hard. I was real proud of him.” He added, “You know, he was my only son. That was it. He has siblings and they look up to him and they were just so happy for him just to see him happy.” In 2016, Mr. Cox gave a classmate named Joshua Reese a pair of Nike Jordans because Mr. Reese had been picked on because he had only one pair of shoes, which were worn-out. Mr. Reese said, “He really saved my life. He knew everything I had going on, he knew I was poor, he knew I didn’t have a dime, he knew I didn’t have anything. I cried because nobody has ever done that for me before.”


Source: “Dallas teen set to play college football murdered hours after graduation.” Fox News. 28 Mary 2017; updated 29 May 2017


Also: Eline de Bruijn, Liz Farmer, and Claire Z. Cardona, “Second suspect arrested in drive-by that killed Carter High football player.” Dallas (Texas) News. 1 June 2017


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