“Let’s Brag on Ourselves a Bit. What are Some of the Most Incredible, Nice, and Amazing Things You have Done?”

1) skater242 wrote, “I am a 9/11 survivor. A NYPD uniformed police officer helped me escape from the underground concourse prior to the first tower collapsing. He went back in to help others and his body was found 6 months later. His 2 kids went to college on me. See, not all of us finance people are pricks.”

2) N-XT wrote, “One time in the third grade, I helped a short little girl drink water from a high fountain and I looked up to the heavens and thought, ‘You better have seen that, Santa.’”

3) ThirdEncounter wrote, “My sister started a gofundme campaign to ask for money to pay for medical bills. I had no idea, and felt ashamed. I paid for it all anonymously. Also, a veteran had no money to pay for a prescribed lotion that would alleviate some pain he had. He thought it would cost $19. But in reality it was something like $220 (like, wtf [what the f**k]?). I paid for it, and his face full of gratefulness was all I needed. I’m not swimming in money, but when it was truly a concern, I had people help me selflessly. So I pay it forward.”

4) silentsilentsilent wrote, “One time at school, I was in a bathroom stall and I heard some girl freaking out about being out of pads. I went to wash my hands, dried them, then reached into my backpack and silently handed her a pad. I walked out of there and felt like Motherf[**]king Teresa.”

Source: IncredibleGreg, “Let’s Brag on Ourselves a Bit. What are Some of the Most Incredible, Nice, and Amazing Things You have Done?” Reddit. 6 June 2017


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