Some Good Deeds from Reddit

“What’s the Greatest Thing Another Woman has Done For You?“

1) StrikeDearMistress wrote this:

“A girl from my university I had never really spoken to heard me cry in the bathroom and let me stay at her place for six weeks when I ran away from my abusive boyfriend. He tried his best to cut off my supporting network, but this perfect stranger saved me. 

“She even refused money for electricity and water! I cleaned the bath and the kitchen, cooked dinner, and did both our laundry, so I could at least thank her a little. During that time, she gave me plenty of personal space and access to her computer, so I could find a new place and write my papers. Without her, I would probably still be trapped and beaten into submission. She was my angel.”

2) LegsForAboutAnHour wrote, “Held me while I cried because of abortion pains, then drove me to the ER [Emergency Room] when I was dying. Also saved me from suicide. Forever thankful for my mom.”

3) amgov wrote, “Gave birth to me. Thanks, Mum!”

4) crazyaunt0 wrote, “I was 17, had a whole year of high school ahead and had to have an abortion. Abortions are free here, but I’d just treated a yeast infection and had to take a test to make sure it was gone. Usually it’s also free, but takes several days, and time was almost up, so I was supposed to pay for it to be done urgently. It was ridiculously cheap, like $3, but I didn’t have ANY money, there was no such thing as allowance and ‘my’ money in our family. Parents didn’t know, so I couldn’t ask them. I didn’t even have to tell all this to my gynecologist, she just paid for the test herself. Or maybe she somehow let this go as a free test in her paperwork, I don’t know. So this woman helped me not to fuck up my life with this seemingly small deed. I’ve realised it only recently, almost 10 years after, and I’m very grateful, but I have no idea what her name was, and I’m kinda sad about this. (She wasn’t my usual gynecologist; I chose her randomly only for the abortion and never went to that clinic again).”[1]


“What is the Nicest Secret You Know about Someone Else Which They Aren’t Aware You Know?”

Zugzoolives wrote this:

“This was years ago.

“When I was a child, my house was robbed. The man was caught when he tried pawning some of the stolen items. He was sent to jail. We will call him Q.

“Out of curiosity, she [my mother] had a P.I. [Private Investigator] look into Q’s life, and found that Q had two small kids, and the children’s mother was not involved in their lives. The two kids were now in custody of their grandmother, who lived in public housing on SS [Social Security] income. 

“One Christmas, I found boxes with a strange address of them. My stepdad told me that my mom had been secretly sending Christmas gifts to Q’s children every year. She didn’t want them to have a sad Christmas just because their father was in jail. She hadn’t told anyone but him [my stepfather], and didn’t want to make a big deal about it. 

“P.S. — I know the P.I. thing sounds weird. Her hobby is genealogy. She has a P.I. she regularly uses to track down long-lost cousins and whatnot, in order to map out family trees. So it’s not like she went and found one specifically for this. It’s more like she was shaken up by being burglarized, and wanted to know as much as possible about why someone would do that to us, and she happened to be working with a P.I. at the time.”[2]


“What is the Best Thing You’ve Ever Gotten for Free?”

1) Top-Floor wrote, “Back when I was working in a coffee shop in the early 90’s, one of my regular customers gave me a check for $450 to pay for a dentist visit to fix my abscessed tooth. He saw that I was in pain throughout the week and asked me why I didn’t just go to the dentist to get it fixed. I told him I had no insurance and couldn’t afford to pay for it. He walked back to work after getting his coffee and showed up 10 minutes later with the check. I was blown away. Refused payment of any kind when I tried to pay him back.”

2) ksozay wrote this:

“All right, I’m going to post this and I hope one person sees it:

“My mother and I didn’t have the best relationship growing up. Parents divorced when I was 11 and I chose to live with my dad, just because I didn’t want to move for what felt like the 45th time and try to make new friends again. That didn’t make my mom very happy, and our relationship never recovered.

“My mom came to live with me when I was in my 20s. She was sick, only we didn’t know it at the time. In the year we lived together, one day her father passed. She was distraught and sat on the staircase sobbing. I just held her, but didn’t have the maturity or understanding to be as empathetic as I should have been. So I just held her. 

“She left a few days later, moving to take care of her mom. Before she left, my mother gave me this small stone that had the word ‘Remember’ engraved in it. And she handed me this stone and told me to always remember what she felt for me. That no matter what happened between us, she never stopped loving me, never stopped wanting the best for me, never stopped being proud that I was her son. 

“My mother died a few years later from an illness she had suffered from, unbeknownst to my family, for quite some time. She passed in 2006. While she lay in a coma on her deathbed, I repeated those words back to her, ensuring that she knew that I did in fact remember.

“I’ve been given, purchased, accumulated some shit in my life. I’ve married a woman that I feel a type of love for that I didn’t think was possible. And she’s given me a daughter whom I’d give my life to protect. But the best thing in life I’ve ever gotten for free?

“That rock. 

“Because that rock is largely responsible for the man I am. My ability to recognize the amazing love I feel for my wife, and the determination to BE a good husband and parent for my family. I owe my mother that, and her gift to me is a reminder of that EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

“Mom, if you are somewhere and if you can read this, 

“This one is for you. 

“Thank you for everything.”[3]


“Reddit, How Did You Ask Your First Person on a Date?”

billbapapa wrote this:

“Football practice in high school.

“I kept running into this girl each night after practice, and she actually wanted to talk to me. She was on the field hockey team and looked pretty cute in her kilt.

“The other players noticed I was talking to her each night after practice. One day when we were warming up they all started laying into me about how I needed to ask her out — like RIGHT THEN. They were pointing over [to her] and calling her my girlfriend and wouldn’t shut up.

“So 15 years old, peer pressure is a bitch, but in this case, it was useful.

“I yelled to the coach, ‘Sir, I need a few minutes, I really gotta do something…’ and jumped outta the line where everyone was stretching, ran over to her end of the football field, and told her, “Hey, I’m not good at this, but I really like talking to you each night, and wondered if maybe you’d wanna go on a date or something?”

“She grabbed the marker from their little white board thing they drew plays on, grabbed my arm and wrote her phone number on my forearm, and told me to call her.

“Then I ran back with my arm in the air like a champion.

“Coach was still really pissed and made me run laps.”[4]


“[Serious] Scientists of Reddit, What Happened When Your Research Found the Opposite of What Your Funder Wanted?”

billbapapa wrote this:

“I was only a grad student at the time, my paper wasn’t some smoking gun that would kill the funder’s reputation, but it basically said, ‘Yeah, I did a survey of all the uses of ______ medical procedure, put it into a math machine, and it came back saying there was no proof the procedure had any impact positive or negative on the outcome.’ The funder did sell equipment used in the procedure, etc.

“So I took it to my prof who had the grant, he looked at it, I asked, ‘What should I do?’

“So he printed it out, which was weird. Then he took a pen and crossed his name off the front, flipped to the end and scratched the part out where I thanked the funder.

“Then said, ‘Now your paper is perfect, please submit it to ______, it should get accepted, it was good work but let’s not talk about it again.’”[5]

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