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The Nonrational World: Where the Fairies (and Some Humans) Live

Be irrational? Stick your hand in a blender? Not a chance in Hell! So be rational? Logic, math, and arguments Have their place in life Be nonrational? Realm of comedy, art, love A fun way to live   Note by … Continue reading

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Heartstring Eulogies: Pennies

If I counted all my flaws like they were pennies, I’d be a rich woman. If you count the monsters under the bed, the demons in the basement, and the ghosts in the attic, I’d be set for life. © … Continue reading

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Haiku: Anywhere you go

Anywhere you go Reach out and grab a poem Free for the taking

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Richard Kadrey: Go Back to Bed. This Doesn’t Concern You.

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David Bruce: William Shakespeare’s “HENRY IV, PART 2”: A Retelling in Prose — Cast and Induction

Cast of Characters Male Characters Rumor, the Presenter King, and Supporters of the King King Henry IV Henry, son of Henry IV; Prince of Wales; afterwards King Henry V; also known as Prince Hal and as the younger Harry Prince … Continue reading

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