Reasons Why it Has Always Been Taylor Swift

She was great at the trial, too.

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Forever Winter

Before i start listing down the reasons why i am head over heals with Taylor Swift, let me tell you that it hasn’t always been Taylor Swift because I once didn’t like her. It didn’t reach to the point where i bashed her, i just flinched every once in a while when i see her “Love Story” video. I used to think that Taylor Swift tried so hard to look like a princess in that video, and when i hear it on the radio i just think that her voice doesn’t stand out at all. I never thought about her that much back then, but when i do, i’d know that she’s not my type of artist. However, i was given an ipod with songs downloaded by someone else and i found myself repeatedly listening to “Untouchable” and “Teardrops on My Guitar.” I thought that it was so good. The…

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