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davidbrucehaiku: be a work of art

https://pixabay.com/en/woman-carnival-decoration-678315/ Why paint a canvas? Paint your own body instead Be a work of art

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davidbrucehaiku: breastfeeding

https://pixabay.com/en/family-breastfeeding-mom-dad-son-1350742/ *** How is this evil? Some Americans fear breasts Baby’s twin feeders  *** Only in private? Norman Rockwell would paint this Makes healthy babies *** For what it’s worth, I donate $1 to the photographer (of course, he or she … Continue reading

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davidbrucehaiku: blind justice

Blind justice for all Something for us to believe More than a statue https://pixabay.com/en/justitia-goddess-goddess-of-justice-2597016/

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David Bruce: Alcohol Anecdotes

During Alicia Markova’s first tour in the United States, she roomed with Aleksandra Danilova, who told Ms. Markova how courteous Americans were to dancers and other entertainers. In Los Angeles, the two stayed at a hotel which was hosting a … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Sarah Doughty:
Reality is an abstract concept. An imagination can feel just as potent. Whatever feels real to you, use it. We can all use an escape every now and again. © Sarah Doughty

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davidbrucehaiku: rainbow rain

https://pixabay.com/en/the-festival-of-colors-holly-moscow-2374421/ *** Rainbow in the sky New rain fell through the rainbow The rain fell on me *** Rain fell and then stopped Color-filled rainbow crossed sky New rain painted me *** Rain goes through rainbow Falls to earth and … Continue reading

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David Bruce: William Shakespeare’s “HENRY IV, PART 2”: A Retelling in Prose — Act 5, Scene 3

— 5.3 — In Justice Shallow’s orchard in Gloucestershire were Falstaff, Justice Shallow, Justice Silence, Davy, Bardolph, and the page. They had eaten the evening meal, and now Justice Shallow wanted his guests to talk together and eat snacks in … Continue reading

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Native American Code of Ethics

1. Rise with the sun to pray. Pray alone. Pray often. The Great Spirit will listen, if you only speak. 2. Be tolerant of those who are lost on their path. Ignorance, conceit, anger, jealousy and greed stem from a lost soul. … Continue reading

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