davidbrucehaiku: NIGHT THOUGHTS






Night thoughts keep me up

Bad deeds, mistakes, and wrong turns

I wish I could forget

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1 Response to davidbrucehaiku: NIGHT THOUGHTS

  1. You, My Friend are following the same script I have! Ha! I found alternating with good deeds, the right choices and right turns helps balance things out – for me anyway! Example – 2nd Ex-wife ran off with boyfriend = sadness, heartaches etc, but if she hadn’t left me I would have never have found the Angel of a wife I have had for the last 17 years! See? Sometimes those bad deeds, wrong choices and wrong turns are a means to get us to the place the Universe knows is the right place for us?? Stepping Stones??? (I’m going to use that as a title but feel free to do the same).

    Thanks so much for your visits/comments and reblogs!!! I look forward to read more of your great works!

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