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Destined for greatness

Originally posted on Flawed Masterpieces:
Enjambment run galoreThey gush over broken proseCalling themselves modern poetsAnd yet nothing I suppose… But the font looks pretty coolSmeared against the white pageBecause they said it was prestigiousAnd yet they don’t get paid… Wait…

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davidbrucehaiku: SINGLE MOM’S MEALS

https://pixabay.com/en/hands-pregnant-woman-heart-love-2568594/ *** SINGLE MOM’S MEALS *** “Save the back for me” Mom’s “favorite” chicken part Gives kids the best parts *** Single mother’s meals: Peanut butter on crackers. Her kids eat better. *** Special pancake meal The kids think it’s … Continue reading

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“Former Members of Hate Groups, What Helped You Leave and Rehabilitate Yourself?”

flannelheart wrote this: “I was a racist skinhead in the late 80’s. The turning point for me was having a child. My son was just learning to walk. I was at the local mall, holding his hands above his head … Continue reading

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“Taylor Swift is Tough, Cool, and in Control”

In 2013, a Denver, Colorado, DJ groped Taylor Swift’s butt at a photoshoot. He ended up being fired, and then he sued Ms. Swift, who countersued. During the trial, Ms. Swift was tough, cool, and in control. On the witness … Continue reading

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“What’s the Nicest Thing a Complete Stranger has Ever Done for You?”

Here are some replies: 1) DeditaNodi wrote this: “Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to be on the receiving end of some amazing acts of kindness. “In July of last year, my mother was told that her rare eye … Continue reading

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