“Have You Ever Seen Someone Being Physically Abused in Public? What Happened and Did Anyone Step In?”

1) ♀LDN_Escort wrote this:

“I broke up a fight between a drunk woman and her boyfriend in Glasgow [Scotland] once. Still not sure what moved me to do that; you usually don’t trifle [mess] with drunk Scottish women, but I was also a bit drunk so I suppose our mutual drunkenness cancelled the danger out.

“He was on the ground begging her to stop whilst she was beating him up with her purse. It sounds humorous, but it genuinely wasn’t. She was really going for it and he was bruised and evidently frightened. I just walked up to her and very calmly said a few things I probably can’t repeat here, but she stopped and we had a bit of a philosophical musing on domestic violence. Ended up getting a munchie box together, which allowed her boyfriend to scram. “

2) bustedhypothesis wrote this:

“Yes, I saw a grown man drag a young girl (probably 12 years old) by her hair out of a convenience store, across the parking lot, and shove her into a van. It was very clearly her dad (or stepdad) because the mom and two other girls were right there walking behind the man dragging the girl. My dad used to do sh[*]t like that to me, so I immediately called 911 and gave them the description of the vehicle, tag number, and direction it was heading as it left the convenience store. F[**]k that guy.”

3) ♀joannagoanna wrote this:

“I was biking home late at night and passed a grocery store parking lot, where a man and women, in their 40s or so, were heatedly talking. Something about their body language made me pause at the corner and watch them for a moment, and he started dragging her into the parking lot. It became obvious that she was crying. I went back and asked if she was ok. He told me everything is fine, mind my own business, I just want to drive her home, like a gentleman. She just stood there and he started yelling at me. I turned to her and said, ‘Do you want to go with him?’ And she said, ‘No. I don’t want to go with him.’ We had a bit of an argument and it turns out he was her ex, they used to live together, they’d been drinking, and she didn’t want to get in a car with him because he was drunk (and, I suspect, other reasons). I asked if she had somewhere to go and a way to get there, and she said she could go to her sister’s and there was a bus at the corner she could catch. He said he’d walk her. I asked if she wanted me to stay until she got on the bus, and she tearfully said yes. So I walked her to the corner and waited about 15 minutes with them. He was still following us and yelling at me to leave them alone and mind my own business. Eventually she got on the bus and I biked off. I wish I’d given her my phone number or something, and I hope she’s ok and didn’t go back to him.

“In retrospect it was dumb to get involved. I should have called the police or found someone else to help, as I’m a relatively petite woman and men like that often don’t take women seriously. I’m lucky that all it took was my presence to stop whatever was going on, but my adrenaline was running high, I guess.”

Source: princessandthepizza, “Have you ever seen someone being physically abused in public? What happened and did anyone step in?” AskWomen. Reddit. 7 September2017



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