Ladies of AskWomen, What was Your Experience, with Being Saved from a Creepy Encounter, by Another Woman?

theinfamousj wrote this:

“I was in graduate school at a party thrown by someone in my immediate course of study cohort with what I supposed to be a closed guest list. I brought a bestie of mine as my ‘date.’ She was another girl.

“I don’t drink much in the best of times because I’m someone for whom the loss of control that alcohol brings makes me very anxious and upset. This wasn’t the best of times. I wasn’t drinking alcohol at all.

“So there I am drinking a can of Sprite …

“… that someone had apparently decided to drug.

“Let me tell you how incredibly obvious it is that you’ve been drugged when you aren’t buzzed or tipsy from alcohol: very.

“So I told my bestie and the party hostess. Both quickly locked me away in the guest room and set themselves to guard me. The perpetrator — a neighbor of the hostess, and not on the guest list — came looking for me to see where I’d gone. My door guard got him retained and the cops called. I don’t know which of the lovely ladies who were tending me was the one who did it, since I was on the other side of the door experiencing all the best effects that the date rape drug can offer.

“Yay, Team Uterus!”

2) jessibakescakes wrote this:

“My friend and I went on a cruise last summer. The first night we drank in the piano bar and met this lady, B. She was probably 15+ years older than us but didn’t mind our antics and was really funny and kind. After the piano bar closed for the night, we met more people at a fancy bar and B wandered away with her friends.

“A few nights later, my friend and I were at the fancy bar with a fun little group of new friends again and B came up looking worried. She told us some guy was super drunk and wouldn’t leave her alone and she just wanted to go back to her room, but she was afraid he’d follow her.

“I immediately got out of my chair and said, ‘Guys! We’re walking B to her room now!’ and put my arm around her shoulders. She laughed and our little group walked her back and told her jokes so she wouldn’t worry too much on the way down. The drunk guy didn’t follow. B gave us big hugs when we got to her door, and I have never felt better about helping out a fellow female.”

3) EnjoyKnope wrote this:

“One night when I was studying abroad, my friends and I were waiting for a bus back to our apartment. I was sitting on the end of the bench when a man approached and started trying to talk to me. This was in Italy, and I don’t speak much Italian, but I understood enough of what he was saying to be sufficiently creeped out, even more so when he started touching my shoulders.

“I completely froze up. I wanted to move, I wanted to tell him to get his f[**]king hands off me, but I couldn’t. I just sat there as he moved one hand to my leg, and the other up to my cheek. That’s when my friend swooped in, irate, saying ‘don’t touch her,’ ‘get your hands off of her,’ ‘go away,’ etc. She basically yelled in his face until he skulked off, while I sat there befuddled at my own inaction. She’s a rockstar, honestly, and I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else there in that moment. She’s the type of person who would’ve gone to bat like that for anyone.”

4) mamblepamble wrote this:

“I moved to another college town after graduating and would occasionally meet up with coworkers to get drinks after work (we were second shift so we’d be out at like midnight). It’s Halloween weekend so the bars are bonkers and we decide to finish our drinks, get food, and talk outside. 

“After a few minutes a girl walked up to us and explained that when the cops caught her one friend with a fake ID, the entire group of girls scattered and left her. She had an ankle boot [ankle monitor?] on and a dress and was under 21 and was getting creeped out by some guys. She didn’t want to go to the police and couldn’t find her friends. 

“We let her join our little circle and talked, walked around the block. There was a dude following us and she said he had been following her since she snuck out of the bar. I ended up giving her a ride home and she had sobered up a bit and told me a bit about her ‘friends’ (they did not sound like good friends. They had ditched her before). I gave her some advice and honestly told her to find better friends. 

“I wish I had gotten her number because I never saw her again. I think about her from time to time and while I know she got home safe that night, I hope she found better company that stuck by her.”

Source: Indiandane, “Ladies of AskWomen, what was your experience, with being saved from a creepy encounter, by another woman?” AskWomen. 18 September 2017


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