Reddit, Let’s All Humblebrag for a Moment. What was One Act of Kindness You Showed to a Stranger? 

1) scunliffe wrote this:

“Helped an old Indian couple on the airplane fill out customs cards coming from the US to Canada (they didn’t speak a lick of English) … was quite tricky but also a fun challenge trying to come up with gestures (e.g. for ‘Are you bringing weapons?’ I pointed to their carry-on, gave an inquisitive shrug and made the two-handed ‘bang bang’ hand gesture for a gun … and they signaled no.

“Trying to ask if they’d been to, or were going to a farm was fun as I acted out a collection of barnyard animals (pig, cow, horse, chicken, duck …) until they got it. (The kids across the aisle were laughing as they thought I was a lunatic.)

“PS for anyone worried: I passed them off to folks at customs explaining that this was filled out ‘roughly’ due to the language barrier and arranged to get a translator sent over.”

2) Daniel46 wrote this:

“Possibly saved someone’s life when we were 16.

“We’d been drinking at a mutual friend’s house and she had gotten so drunk that her eyes were literally rolling in her head. Someone put her in a bedroom to sleep it off and didn’t think too much more of it. I went outside a while later and heard choking, I found her in the corner of the garden choking on her own vomit, so I pulled the vomit out with my fingers and made sure she was breathing. I phoned an ambulance and found her mother’s number in her phone and let her know.

“Turns out the girl’s mother was a teacher at my school. She cried her eyes out when she saw me at school a few days later.”

3) guntercaptain wrote, “I found an envelope full of money and a notice to pay some fines. It was in an aisle at the grocery store. I think he was planning on getting a money order with the cash but dropped it. I went to his home address and slipped it under his front door and left.”

4) blazeddonut42 wrote, “Gave some homeless guys a bucket of KFC [Kentucky Fried Chicken] chicken in Malaysia. They were stoked.”

5) suckit5253 wrote, “LEGO releases series of collectable minifigures in blind bags, so you can’t easily tell which one you’re getting, but I have the patience to sit there and figure out what’s in the bag by feeling through the foil. One time, I am looking for a very specific figure and this mother and daughter come up and take one from another box, and say they hope it’s x figure … which just so happens to be the one that I’m looking for — and have just found. I give it to them, and the little girl’s face just lights up. They open it there and she’s so happy. Turns out there wasn’t another one in the box, so I missed out that day, but that’s all right.”

Sinverguenza commented, “I love stuff like this! There was a little boy at Ikea who wanted a stuffed shark but couldn’t find one, so I dug and dug into a huge bin of stuffed animals until I found one for him, and you would have thought I just gave him a million bucks. It really is the little things in life sometimes.”

Source: valid-username, “Reddit let’s all humblebrag for a moment, what was one act of kindness you showed to a stranger?” Reddit. 19 September 2017<>.

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