Pretty in Pink

Excellent photos.

Art Expedition

I´ve been busy photographing flowers this summer and now want to share some of them with you so you can have a look at them during the coming winter months whenever you feel like you need a reminder of the warmth and the beauty of nature, as I´m sure I will.

Apart from the first few pictures showing you Echinacea that I shot during a visit in a garden center, all of them grow on my window sills. (That is to say, actually now I do have my own Echinacea growing there as well, but it doesn’t look as impressive as the ones in the garden center and so I chose these photos. 😉 )

And as you will notice, I am very fond of observing and photographing all kinds of pollinating insects, mostly bees and bumble-bees who I just love as much as the flowers.

20160801_134714 Kopie Echinacea purpurae entertaining a…

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