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Dante’s Inferno, Canto 12: THE MINOTAUR

Engraver: August Doré *** Half-human, half-bull Minotaur feasted on the flesh Of Athens’ tribute *** NOTE: In the INFERNO, the guards of the damned are often from mythology. The Minotaur is the half-human, half-bull offspring of Pasiphaë, the wife of … Continue reading

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‘Press This’ Instead Of Reblog.

Reblogged on davidbruceblog #1. I made an embarrassing mistake and listed on my first blog incorrect addresses for my two new blogs. These are the correct addresses: davidbruceblog #2: davidbrucehaiku https://davidbrucemusic.wordpress.com davidbruceblog #3: retellings and anecdotes https://cosplayvideos.wordpress.com I would appreciate … Continue reading

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davidbrucehaiku: someone to talk to — davidbruceblog #2: davidbrucehaiku

https://pixabay.com/en/cup-restaurant-drinks-business-2884058/ *** SOMEONE TO TALK TO *** Someone to talk to Easily and without fear A fellow soulmate *** via davidbrucehaiku: someone to talk to — davidbruceblog #2: davidbrucehaiku

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