davidbruceblog #1: Final Post

I don’t expect to make any more posts to davidbruceblog #1 except by accident.


If you like my haiku, you should follow 

davidbruceblog #2:



If you like what I write about philosophy and literature, you should follow

davidbruceblog #3:


My Dante haiku for PURGATORY and PARADISE will be posted in davidbruceblog #3.


NOTE: The blog addresses don’t seem to make sense (davidbrucemusic, cosplayvideos). These are old blogs that I am repurposing although yes, there may be the occasional music or cosplay video.

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2 Responses to davidbruceblog #1: Final Post

  1. JC says:

    Sorry to see your blog go! I am a teacher and your eBook guide to Tom Sawyer was invaluable in my classroom lessons on the novel! Love reading your poetry as well!

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