The Bully

Magnificent line:
They hate to hurt alone.

Poet Girl Em

the bully
has never known true love
the love that sticks
to bones
the love that lasts and matters
the love one calls home

the bully
is a shell, a human with no heart
rattling with skeleton song
no blood, no meat, no soul

the bully
takes their victims
first by kind hand and smile
sweetest words and declarations
drawing into spiked steel trap

the bully
cannot stand
that others speak the truth
they cannot tolerate sharing friends
they badger in violent threats

the bully
creates the drama
they swear to hate so much
they attack anyone
who call out the blatant lies

the bully
lives a tortured life
one that takes innocents down
as they fall from their mistakes
they hate to hurt alone

~ Emily C.



I think we all have experiences with bullies in some way.  We have a malignant narcissistic bully leading this country…

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