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elle like a stream of consciousness in one frosted, december breath wrapped in a bow christmas lights, tangled I’ve never used that name except only as a writer, I pen those four letters like poetry I’m…

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Snippa and Snopp (YouTube)

Little boys refer to their nether-regions as “pee-pees” and “wee-wees” among other things, what sort of slang do young girls use to refer to their nether-regions? I’m sorry if this comes off as creepy; I’m just curious because I just … Continue reading

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Originally posted on elleguyence:
I once had this beautiful silk dress dotted with oil stains I couldn’t get out. I’d wring my knuckles raw trying to scrape this pattern from a spot only I could see. I would question everyone:…

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Originally posted on The Reluctant Poet:
By Charles Robert Lindholm Armistice Day Came An Illusion Of Peace A Dream Unfulfilled Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved Please Come Explore My Archive!

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Originally posted on elleguyence:
Filled with apologies pooled on your tongue blurted out into the air without an ounce of meaning– because your mouth is full of them. As if embedded in you like mercury in fatty tuna flesh, you…

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fall in love

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From colors to crunch Autumn’s beauty’s everywhere Magic in the air ©2018 Annette Rochelle Aben

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Edgar Lee Masters: Bert Kessler (Spoon River Anthology)

I WINGED my bird, Though he flew toward the setting sun; But just as the shot rang out, he soared Up and up through the splinters of golden light, Till he turned right over, feathers ruffled, With some of the … Continue reading

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