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Check Out the Photographs of Isawa-Hiromi

Source of Photograph: Isawa-Hiromi, “Cute Geeky Girl.” Deviantart. Accessed 26 August 2013. http://isawa-hiromi.deviantart.com/art/Cute-Geeky-Girl-349153104   Source of Photograph: Isawa-Hiromi, “Sophita. Bust.” Deviantart. Accessed 26 August 2013. http://isawa-hiromi.deviantart.com/art/Sophitia-Bust-346231746 *Isawa-Hiromi Cosplayer, cosmaker… “cosliver” =^^= Spain http://isawa-hiromi.deviantart.com Hidden haiku: “Flowers falling down in a … Continue reading

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