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Free Verse: Swamp Princess — Urban Poetry

In this free verse poetry, “Swamp Princess.” In everyday life, I challenge myself to write poetry about something I have no experience with. In an online search through Wikipedia. I came across a spectacular plant and flower combined, one I … Continue reading

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Daily Haiku: Fluttering Red — Urban Poetry

In this daily haiku, “Fluttering Red.” Some believe that the red cardinal is a messenger from the past to the present. The opening of doorways, the melodious chirp one can’t ignore, the fiery red one can’t miss in its sighting, … Continue reading

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In this daily haiku, “Gray Abandonment.” I find it sad when I see old abandon buildings, like the one in this digital art piece. A piece of history lived there. I imagine of the laughter, of the happiness, despite hardships … Continue reading

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Urban Poetry: “Swaying Flowers”

In this daily haiku, “Swaying Flowers”. Watching flowers and branches move to a warm breeze lulls me into a place. It is like an aphrodisiac of white noise and silence at the same time. Somehow it slows my heartbeat and … Continue reading

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Life Unfurled Poetry Video Sample — Urban Poetry

https://videopress.com/embed/zYEHcBbT?hd=0 A sampling of free verse poetry “Life Unfurled in Video! I’m trying my hand at taking my poetry to the next level. This is my first sample at uploading images and poetry lines to video! I used the free … Continue reading

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Free Verse – I Stand Strong — Urban Poetry

A free verse poetry, “I Stand Strong”. Clouds will yield rain, hail, thunderstorms beyond control. Sometimes an umbrella will repel raindrops. Then times, one must seek the shelter of a different kind, but still remain vigil. The soil of one’s … Continue reading

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