“It’s Amazing, Because We Thought It [The Money] was Totally Gone”

In September 2010 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, a member of the Paws 2 Dance dog club made a serious error. On the roof of her car, she put $2,700 of cheques in envelopes to be deposited in a bank, and then she forgot they were on the roof and drove away, scattering the envelopes on the ground. Hours later, she realized what she had done. Horrified, she put up posters, hoping for the return of the envelopes. She also began making telephone calls to the members of the club to tell them about the mishap. Club president Gail Walsh said, “Some of them told her that their cheques had already been cashed.” Fortunately, a Good Samaritan had found the envelopes and taken them to the bank. Every cent had been deposited into the club’s bank account. Ms. Walsh said, “It’s amazing, because we thought it [the money] was totally gone.” The money was used to put on a show in Surrey, Canada. Ms. Walsh said, “Fittingly, the [show] title ‘Escape the Darkness’ refers to the darkness in our hearts that can be escaped when people reach out to others. Thank you, whoever you are, for reaching out for us. We hope you will contact us.” The money raised by the show was donated to the Critter Care wildlife rescue organization in Langley, Canada.

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