“We’re Very Proud She Decided to Do the Right Thing, and Didn’t Hesitate for a Second”

On 18 January 2013, while walking home from Beverly Hills Middle School in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, Aniyah Butler, an 11-year-old sixth-grader, found a black purse with a new iPhone inside. Aniyah saw Police Sergeant James Reif walking to nearby Bywood Elementary School, so she gave him the purse. Shortly afterward, she saw an eighth-grade girl looking for something: a lost black purse with a new iPhone inside. Aniyah told the eighth-grader that Police Sergeant Reif had her purse, and he returned the purse to its rightful owner. Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said, “In this day and age, most people would just walk away with the phone.” Aniyah’s mother, Vanessa Butler, said about Aniyah,
 “She’s very sensitive and empathetic toward others. We’re very proud she decided to do the right thing, and didn’t hesitate for a second.”

For Further Information: Rose Quinn and Cindy Scharr, “Cop Shop: Upper Darby girl takes ‘i’ out of iPhone.” Daily Times (Delaware County, Pennsylvania). 21 February 2013


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