“God Does Awesome Things, and This Woman, Whose Wedding Day Might have been Ruined, had Her Special Day, After All”


Source of Photograph:



Source of Screenshot: http://tinyurl.com/lrtd22a (On left: Amanda, whose wedding dress was stolen. On right: 911 dispatcher Candice.)

On 11 August 2013, a woman named Amanda who was getting married that evening discovered in the morning that someone has stolen her wedding dress as she was loading her car. The bride-to-be, understandably distraught, called 911 to report the loss. The 911 dispatcher, whose name is Candace (no last name given), answered the call, took down the needed information, and sent a police officer to Amanda to gather information about the theft. Candace said, “I finally figured out what was going on, and asked when the ceremony was scheduled. When she said, ‘Today,’ my heart broke in two for her.” Candace then asked her supervisor if she could lend the woman her own wedding dress: “Can I offer her my dress? All through the call I was thinking, ‘I have a dress ….’” Candace had gotten married 18 months previously. Her supervisor gave her the answer yes, and Candace said, “I talked to the officer responding and told him to tell her I’d offer her my dress.” The bride-to-be asked to see a photograph of the dress. Candace said, “I understood completely.  This was such a special day for her, something she’d thought of her whole life.” Candace texted a photo of the dress to the police officer’s cell phone, and Amanda liked the dress — and thought that the dress would fit her. With some effort and a few telephone calls, Candace’s family members were able to get the wedding dress to Amanda. Fortunately, Brandon, Candace’s husband, had stayed home instead of going camping, as he had planned. Candace said, “Brandon drove the dress to the fiance’s house and dropped it off. The woman told me she’d get it back to me, and I said, ‘No hurry.’” The day after the wedding, the bride and groom texted Candace and thanked her again. Candace’s operations manager, Vonnie Mayer, said, “Candice is an extraordinary person. She had something someone else needed, and she made it happen.” Her father, Calvin Luce, said, “She has always been very generous, always thinking of other people. It’s not a surprise she’d do this, or believe that God put all the pieces together.” Candace said, “If I hadn’t taken that call, I wouldn’t have heard about it. If she wasn’t my size, it wouldn’t have worked. If my husband had gone camping instead of staying home, I couldn’t have gotten to the dress. God does awesome things, and this woman, whose wedding day might have been ruined, had her special day, after all.”

For Further Information: Larry Larue, “911 call led to dispatcher lending Kent bride wedding dress after theft on day of ceremony.” The News Tribune (Tacoma, Washington). 13 August 2013


For Further Information: “911 Dispatcher Lends Bride Dress After Wedding Day Robbery.” Huffington Post. 16 August 2013


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