“Please Return My Bike. It Is Old but Loved and will be Frightened Without Its Owner”




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In the summer of 2013, someone stole the bicycle of 55-year-old nurse Eileen Remedios while she was visiting a patient in the patient’s home. Ms. Remedios, of Brighton in East Sussex, England, said, “I was feeling quite cross. I thought, ‘Why would someone want to take my old bike?’ I thought maybe someone was drunk and had borrowed it.” She left this note attached to a lamppost where her bike was stolen: “Please return my bike. It is old but loved and will be frightened without its owner.” The next day, she again visited the patient, and she found that her bike had been returned with a note of apology from the thief. The bike had a new lock, and the keys were enclosed with the note of apology. The note, which was written on a Christmas card and was found under the doormat of the patient’s home, was addressed to ‘The owner of the old blue bike.’ The note inside stated, “A great big fat … SORRY! From the reformed bike theif! (I never mistreated it).” A surprised and grateful Ms. Remedios said that “I never imagined that someone would bring it back. It really has restored my faith in humanity.” She added, “The bike hasn’t got much value, but it was given to me by an old friend and gets me from A to B. It was a real inconvenience when it disappeared. Everyone can relate to having a bike stolen — it’s gutting. The note certainly worked, and I wanted to share a good story with a nice ending. Who am I to question why, but I am delighted to have my old blue bike back with me.” In addition, Ms. Remedios wrote this note back to the thief and left it attached to the lamppost: “To the sweet bike borrower. Thanks for returning my bike. She said she had a nice time but [is] glad to be back with me.” 

For Further Information: Stuart Woledge, “‘A great big fat… SORRY!’: Cyclist who wrote note telling thief to give her bicycle back is amazed when it is returned with an apology.” Daily Mail (UK). 11 September 2013


For Further Information: “Lady writes pleading note to thief who stole her bike, gets it back.” MSN. 13 September 2013


For Further Information: “Eileen Remedios Writes Polite Note To Thief In England, Gets Amazing Response (PHOTOS).” Free-i-News. 13 September 2013


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