“What is the Kindest Thing a Stranger has Done for You?”

On 14 September 2013, Redditor Imadragon21 asked, “What is the kindest thing a stranger has done for you?” Here are some heart-warming replies:

1) I_love_shiny_sh[*]t wrote, “I was on my way to a job interview on the trolly. I was 45 minutes from home and I was very excited. I had an interview with an amazing company with awesome pay. When the doors opened, I started walking out, and some [*]sshole decided to rush in without letting everyone out yet. He was texting and smashed into me, spilling his as-hot-as-the-f[*]cking-sun coffee down my shirt, slacks, and heels. He yelled at me for spilling his coffee as the doors closed and whisked his stupid [*]ss away. I just stood there crying, unbelieving that that just f[*]cking happened. I had even sat on a newspaper to avoid getting my pants dirty on the trolly. FML. This nice, middle-aged Mexican lady with a stroller came up and took my hand. She said in very broken English that she was going to help me and not to cry. She took me to her apartment less than a block away and gave me a blouse, skirt, and shoes to wear. They were kind of tight, but wearable and professional. She fixed my makeup and walked me to the building my interview was at and hugged me goodbye and would not accept any money. I nailed the interview and worked at that company for almost 3 years. Dolce and I still send each other cards on Christmas and birthdays, and I was there when she got her citizenship. :)” She added, “We always joke now that she’s my little Mexican fairy godmother. She is one of the nicest, most giving women I have ever met. She would give you the food from her spoon and the clothes off her back if you needed it, no questions asked.”

2) morbid126 wrote, “When I was homeless, one night I was walking down a familiar street and saw a hammock in someone’s yard. Me, I was tired from working all day so I threw my cares to the wind and walked over and fell asleep in the hammock. Two hours later five Mexicans pull up in the yard over. They asked if I was all right. Then asked if I needed a place to stay. I lived in their apartment for four months after that and beat the winter.”

3) laudinum commented, “Car overheated in Chicago, had to pull off an exit I was not familiar with. All of the signs in the store windows were in Spanish. A group of urban youths helped me push my car to a garage, and helped me tell the guy what the problem was, because he spoke only Spanish. New radiator, urban youths beer-ed.”

4) MoonMarbles wrote, “I used to live in these areas of Chicago, I am a 20-something female and I have gotten roadside service from random ‘gangster-ish’ guys before as well. Now downtown Chicago is a different story. No one in a suit will come near me to help. Not that I don’t get it, suits are expensive and nice and [people in suits] don’t want to be around my death trap of a car.”

5) soviet1924 wrote, “I live in New Orleans and I’ve found that the poor are always the most willing to help (Mississippi, the poorest state, gives most relative to income to charity than any other). They get it — we all need to make it together.”

For Further Information: Imadragon21, “What is the kindest thing a stranger has done for you?” Reddit. 14 September 2013


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