Check Out the Cosplay of Laurelin-CosPlay, aka Rossella of Italy


Source: Laurelin-CosPlay, “Laurelin-CosPlay Deviant ID.” Deviantart. Accessed 11 October 2013


Source: Laurelin-CosPlay, “Thinking of Hedeki — Chii Chobits Cosplay.” Deviantart. Accessed 11 October 2013

Photograph by Telperion-Photo, aka Gabriel of Italy

Check Out the Cosplay of Laurelin-CosPlay, aka Rossella of Italy

Since I was a child I’ve always loved fantasy! Like the most part of children I used to see cartoons and I was crazy of videogame like “Super Mario All Stars”, “Final Fantasy” series, “Medievil” etc — exactly like now.

At the age of 12 I began reading manga (japanese comics) and inside me a strong passion for this kind of japanese comics brought to life.

A few years ago I discovered in the web a store that was selling a Chii’’s costume (from manga Chobits). I thought: “No, it’s incredible! They sell the costume of one of my favourite characters!” Then I delved into research and I descovered that some people who shared my same passions used to dress themselves like fantasy characters. So I understood that i had just found a way to express my growing passion!

In the summer of 2009 I decided to dedicate my free time to this world. And now, I am attending the third year of the Orientale University.

I think that when I will be old I will continue to see anime, read manga and play videogame!

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