Anonymous Helps a Homeless Man



Source of Screenshots:

On 23 February 2013, members of Anonymous Nottingham took to the streets of Nottingham, England, to protest businesses that don’t pay their taxes. They took time off from their protest after seeing a homeless man named Stephen who was holding a sign that said, “PLIS I’AM HUNGRI PLIS HELP MI ONE SMAL DONATION THENK YU VERI MACH GOD BLIS YU.” They gave Stephen money and hugs. This is the text accompanying a video on YouTube:

“They consider us Terrorists, but We care much more than They care!
A beautiful thing happend in nottingham on the 23ed of February as anonymous protesters took to the streets. On this day there aim was to shutdown all the tax avoiding shops, this is in response to the tax dodging corporations on the high streets who have evaded in excess of £70billion in corporation.
stephen a homeless man in nottingham cached the eye of anonymous members who stopped and gave him money, overwhelmed with love steven starts to cry as anonymous member give him hugs and change. under code name oprobbinhood they truly made this homeless mans day

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect Us”

The members of Anonymous are intelligent, but perhaps to protect their secret identities their written communications tend to have lots of errors with capitalization, spelling, etc.

For Further Information: “‘Anonymous’ Protesters Make Homeless Man Cry With Amazing Act (VIDEO).” Huffington Post. 21 November 2013

For Further Information: AnonLegionOps, “Anonymous makes homeless man cry.” YouTube. 26 February 2013

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Source: AnonLegionOps, “Anonymous makes homeless man cry.” YouTube. 26 February 2013

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