Lulu Authors May Need to Update Prices

Big Excitement. I recently sold three copies of a paperback book on Lulu. Unfortunately, I  didn’t get any revenue. See below (How to Manage Your Money: A Guide for the Non-Rich).

1 New Sales

Let’s check the pricing. See below.

2   6.06 0000

Let’s click on EDIT. See below.


3    6.06    2.60

Odd. Let’s contact Lulu. See below.

4) Me to Lulu

Let’s read Lulu’s reply below.

5 New Lulu to Me It’s true that Lulu did make an announcement. Let’s read it. 7   Lulu Announcement

Good for Lulu. It did lower prices. Well, let’s edit the price of the book. See below.

6    New Price Let’s make sure we did it right. See below.

7    New Price

It’s a pity I didn’t do this before. The buyer of three copies of my book would have saved $2.06 per copy, and I would have made .95 per copy. Instead, that money went to Lulu. Lulu makes money by providing services to its authors. See the GOPRO publishing package for AS LOW AS $999  below.



The only time Smashwords makes money is when its authors make a sale that makes money for the author. Smashwords makes money for me (and Mr. Mark Coker is welcome to some of my revenue). Check out

Smashwords 2 Smashwords

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