How Do I Use It’s And Its?

it’s – it is

its = possessive of it

its’ is not a word

Drama critic George Oppenheimer was inducted into the Air Force, where he was a part of its Motion Picture Unit. As part of his physical, he gave a urine sample, which was picked up by a star-struck private, who put it on a tray, then pointed to another bottle on the tray and said with awe, “Cary Grant.” (Note for young people: Cary Grant was the Brad Pitt of his time.)

Violinist Mischa Elman was once present at a dinner given by Harpo Marx during which a movie producer listened to some criticisms of his recent movies, then complained of the difficulties of producing. Mr. Elman asked, “If it’s so hard to make bad pictures, why don’t you make good ones?”

Edmund Gwenn won an Oscar playing Santa Claus in the movie Miracle on 34th Street. As Mr. Gwenn lay dying, Jack Lemmon visited him and asked if dying was hard. Mr. Gwenn replied, “Oh, it’s hard, very hard indeed. But not as hard as doing comedy.”

John Cho and Kal Penn are the Korean and Indian stars of the 2004 cult movie Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, but they have done much more acting than that film and its sequel. Mr. Cho played Sulu in a Star Trek movie and appeared as a hip-hop-savvy accountant named Kenny in TV’s Ugly Betty. Mr. Penn appeared on TV’s House and landed a role in the dramatic movie The Namesake in part because of Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. He explains that Namesake director Mira Nair let him audition because “her 14-year-old son, who was a Harold & Kumar fan, […] every night before bed said, ‘Mom, please audition Kal Penn for the part.’”

Ridley Scott has directed many different kinds of films including Alien, American Gangster, Blade Runner, Gladiator, Hannibal, Matchstick Men, and Thelma and Louise. As you would expect, he watches many, many films. At 11 p.m. he starts watching a movie, and he says that “if I’m still watching at 1, that means it’s a good film.”

When Clyde, Maya Angelou’s son, grew up, he decided that he wanted to be called “Guy.” Ms. Angelou told him about a river in Scotland that was named the Clyde River, but her son replied, “It’s an O.K. name for a river, but my name is Guy.” Ms. Angelou started calling him “Guy.”

Figure skater Christopher Bowman once performed in a costume consisting of a black velvet suit whose major features consisted of a white collar and plunging neckline. Reporters tried to find words sufficient to describe the features of the outfit, and National reporter Julie Vader said, “It’s a shawl collar.” When someone asked how she knew that, she explained, “I have a dress exactly like it.

Every Navajo blanket has an opening in its border. Sometimes, the border will be dark, with one piece of white-colored yarn reaching to the edge of the blanket. This is done so that the weaver will keep her mind open and be able to learn more. When one’s mind is closed, one is unable to learn.

As a boy, André Eglevsky suffered from a cough that caused his family to travel to a healthier locale for him. However, young André learned that a cough does have its advantages. While traveling in a crowded train compartment, young André had a bad fit of coughing. As he coughed and coughed, the other passengers left the train compartment, finally leaving André alone with his mother, his nurse, and his sister.

The former Soviet Union respected its ballerinas. During World War II, some Soviet soldiers freed a village from the invading Nazis. In a cottage, they found a photograph—damaged by bullet holes—of famed ballerina Galina Ulanova dancing Swan Lake. A Soviet soldier wrote her to say that they were taking good care of the photograph, and an orderly had been given the duty—during lulls in the fighting—of placing flowers in front of it each day.

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