“I Really have Changed. A Few Years Ago, I Just Would’ve Cashed [the Money Order] and Wouldn’t have Thought Twice About It”

In April 2015, homeless teenager Montrez Jefferies found a $500 money order in Durham, North Carolina. He said, “Making a lot of bad decisions and getting in trouble at school and then getting involved in gangs — that’s how I ended up here.” “Here” is the Durham Rescue Mission’s Center for Hope. Mr. Jefferies said, “I really have changed. A few years ago, I just would’ve cashed [the money order] and wouldn’t have thought twice about it.” He added, “My mom always said do to others what I’d want them to do to me. I feel like if somebody found something that I had dropped and it had my name on it, I’d want them to take it back to somebody so they could give it back to me.” The staff at the Durham Rescue Mission found the owner of the money order and arranged a meeting so that Mr. Jefferies could return the money order to her. She did not want to be identified, but she gave Mr. Jefferies two gift cards and a hug, saying, “Thank you for returning it and you didn’t cash it.” Rob Tart of the Durham Rescue Mission said, “It just goes to show you there are still good people in the world.”

For More Information: Tamara Gibbs, “HOMELESS TEEN RETURNS $500 MONEY ORDER HE FOUND.” WTVD (Durham, North Carolina). 30 April 2015


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