Rebels with Trash Bags

In 2011, Anne Castellon got tired of the mess—lots of litter and lots of dead birds in the pond—in Lucchesi Park in Petaluma, California, and so she decided to clean it up. Calling herself “a rebel with a trash bag,” she put on a protective suit and gloves, and she waded across the pond, filling up trash bags with litter and dead birds. Litterers disgust her. She said, “What? You can’t walk 10 feet to throw your stuff away?” She had help in her crusade. Albert Castellon (her husband) and Walt Bagley (her brother) also filled several trash bags in a couple of hours of work. With budget cuts and layoffs in these hard economic times, the city of Petaluma can’t clean the park as often as it would like to. It welcomes the help of volunteers.

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