“Once the Ambulance Left and Everything had Settled Down, We Pulled All the Guys Aside and Focused on How Proud of Them We Were”

On 7 May 2013, a car hit a Laguna Creek High School  (Elk Grove, California) female student at Valley High School in south Sacramento, California. Practicing nearby were the players on the Valley High School baseball team. The accident pinned the girl’s upper body under the car. In the locker room, co-head coach Brett Sawyer heard the screech of tires and a loud bang. He came out of the locker room and saw “the entire team sprinting to the parking lot, jumping over fences.” Eight or nine students lifted the small sedan off the girl, and assistant coach James Millholland pulled the girl out from under the car. Varsity student-athlete Chas Roberts said, “It was like, a reaction—you had to do what you had to do to save someone’s life.” Paramedics responded to a 911 call and took the car to a hospital. Mr. Sawyer said, “Once the ambulance left and everything had settled down, we pulled all the guys aside and focused on how proud of them we were.” The coaches canceled the rest of practice. Mr. Sawyer said, “Some guys were still kind of shaken up by the whole ordeal. She was just a teenager, like them.” He added, “To a man, every single one of those kids, their head hasn’t gotten big. They don’t walk around campus thinking they’re heroes.” Varsity coach James Millholland said, “We all just ran out there as a team. No one was saying much, and then the guys got around the car and just lifted it up. There was very little talking.” Mr. Sawyer said, “To be honest, we might not have the best baseball team around, but we sure do have a great group of guys. They just knew what to do. They were all raised right.” The girl is expected to completely recover.

For Further Information: Cody Kitaura, “Valley High Students Lift Car Off Girl Hit in Parking Lot.” Elk Grove Patch (Elk Grove, California). 9 May 2013


For Further Information: Mallory Hoff, “Valley High baseball team hoists car off pinned student.” KCRA (Sacramento, California). 9 May 2013


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