“Thank Goodness, Thank God, I Got Her!”

In May 2013 on the shore of Aliso Beach Park in Laguna Beach, California, Patrick Watson, age 46, and his son Danny, age 18, searched for a little girl who had been pulled from her mother’s arms by high waves. Patrick said that on that day, “The waves were up. It was a warm day, so we decided to go skimboarding.” Patrick and Danny immediately began searching for the little girl. Patrick said, “It was just complete turmoil.” He was the one who found the little girl. He said, “At that moment, when I grabbed her, I pulled her in like a football. I was like, ‘Thank goodness, thank God, I got her!’ So I was able to push off the bottom with one foot and get her above water.” The baby’s mother saw the rescue and ran toward Patrick and her little girl, screaming, “My baby!” Patrick said, “When she [the little girl] made the first sound, when she coughed out the water, started screaming, that was just an unbelievably wonderful sound.” He added, “I was so thankful to hear that sound. The Lord was there with us.” This was not Patrick’s first rescue at Aliso Beach Park. Ten years ago, he saved the life of an exhausted swimmer.

For Further Information: Joshua Gardner, “Heart pounding moment hero plucks baby from the powerful surf after she is sucked from her mother’s arms on Laguna Beach.” Daily Mail (UK). 3 June 2013


For Further Information: Bryce Alderton, “Man rescues baby from rough surf.” Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot (California). 30 May 2013


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