“I Could Not Believe the good will of Goodwill”


Source: SF Goodwill

In April 2013, Sandra Williams, a banking executive in San Mateo, California, thought that she had lost $40,000 worth of jewelry forever. She searched for the box filled with “irreplaceable and sentimental” heirloom pieces in her apartment. She said, “I thought I’d hid it so well that even I couldn’t find it or someone walked off with it.” Then she remembered that her daughter had taken some bags filled with donations to Goodwill, and so Ms. Williams called Goodwill to ask employees there to look for her jewelry. (She had previously called the police and her insurance company.) Goodwill employees warned her that the chances of recovering her jewelry were slim. Fortunately, Bonnie Patton, a grandmother who works at Goodwill, found the box of jewelry. Ms. Patton said, “Finding these rings was like [finding] a needle in a haystack. I was so excited for this lady. I would not personally want to lose my heirlooms, my personal memories, so I was very, very excited.” Ms. Williams said, “I could not believe the good will of Goodwill.” She was more than pleased that someone “would find a 1.75-carat ring and not put it in their pocket.” Ms. Williams added about Ms. Patton, “Her story really got my heart. She was borderline homeless and got promoted for her honesty when she made this discovery.” Ms. Patton now has a permanent job at Goodwill. Goodwill’s Tim Murray said, “I almost had tears in my eyes watching these two women meet each other […]. They totally connected as people, and they are at two completely different stations in life.”

For Further Information: Liz Fields, “Goodwill Worker Says Hug Is Reward for Finding Jewelry in Huge Warehouse.” ABC News. 26 September 2013


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