“An example of the right thing to do”


Source: BabiesOnQuack, “An example of the right thing to do.” Imgur. 23 October 2013


In October 2013, Redditor BabiesOnQuack posted on Imgur a photograph that he or she captioned “An example of the right thing to do.” The photograph showed a $5 bill enclosed in a letter dated 15 October 2012 and addressed to Tessa, a server at Cody’s Original Roadhouse. The body of the letter stated, “Dear Tessa, On September 19, you waited on  me. I signed credit card receipt with a tip for $2.50, then accidentally stuffed both the restaurant’s receipt and the customer copy into my pocket and walked away. As I was reconciling my credit card statement, I discovered that my card was charged for my meal, but not for your tip. I apologize. Enclosed please find $5.00. Thank you for your service. Sincerely, […].”

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