Pizza for the Homeless


Source: Molten_icecream, “Guy in front of me at the stop light gave this homeless guy a piece of pizza.” Imgur. 29 October 2013

In October 2013, Redditor snapped a photograph of the someone in the car ahead of him giving a homeless man a slice of pizza while his or her car was stopped at a stop light. Other Redditors made good comments:

1) DOABYTE commented, “I did an AMA [Ask Me Anything]about this time a homeless man asked if he could shower at my apartment. I agreed, purchased some beer and watched the Simpsons with him. Got him out of the Texas heat (over 100 degrees that day) for 3 hours and actually had some fun. People were a little critical about me getting him beer but I drink and was going to anyway. It was a pretty unique experience.”

2) PTgoBoom1 commented that “one of our favorite restaurants always had homeless guys hanging around. We always asked for our leftovers to be wrapped up, and we always handed them over to the guys in the parking lot. We weren’t jerks who’d spit in the food or anything. Just people with loved ones who were in the same situation.”

3) meandyouandx commented, “Back when I lived downtown, I had Tim Horton’s gift certs [certificates] (coffee shops a block or two away from anywhere) and would give them to the homeless. Despite knowing that they might trade them for cash outside the door or with drug dealers … I’d like to think that I helped with more coffee and sandwiches on cold nights.”

4) myrtg3 commented, “I do this with my daughter sometimes. We go for walks everyday and sometimes when we see a homeless person we stop and get hot coffee and pizza or other food from 7-11, then drop it off on our way back home. She is 1, she has no clue what is going on, and I just want them to have warm coffee as the nights get cold, so nobody knows we do this, except anonymously on Reddit now.”

For Further Information: Molten_icecream, “Guy in front of me at the stop light gave this homeless guy a piece of pizza.” Reddit. 29 October 2013

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