Tatia Pllieva: First Kiss (YouTube)

Tatia Pllieva: First Kiss (YouTube)

We asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time….

Film presented by WREN


Music by Soko “We Might be Dead Tomorrow”





Excerpt from Mark Morford, “A kiss for the hopelessly jaded.” SF Gate. 25 March 2013


I believe we have a new record.

For jadedness, that is. For the time it takes an exciting cultural moment to go from friendly and likable, to nasty and cruel.

From innocent, to molested. From healthy, to toxic. From “the world is a benevolent place full of radiant humans with tender and loving hearts,” to “the world is a pitiless razorblade willing to slice you to ribbons for a nickel and a decent parking spot.”

You get the idea? You already sense what I’m about to say? Of course you do. This is how obvious. This is how bad.

The new record, I believe, has been set by “First Kiss,” that utterly charming viral video that came out a couple weeks ago. Do you remember? You might not – the Large Meme Collider that is the Internet creates and destroys all forms of offering so rapidly these days, it’s damn near impossible to keep track of just how amazed/sick of it all you should really be.

In case yours wasn’t among the (currently) 70 million YouTube clicks, “First Kiss” is a tiny, gorgeous, shoestring-budgeted film of three minutes and change, made by an indie clothing designer from LA, Tatia Pilieva, on a marketing whim, uploaded to YouTube and emailed out to her friends and customers, hoping for some good response.

You might say she got it.

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