A $10 Parking Ticket

In March 2014, Annie James, a 14-year-old from Baytown, Texas, saw a police patrol car parked illegally in a fire zone at the Bay Oaks apartment complex in Baytown, Texas. She took action and handwrote a $10 parking ticket, payable to the manager of the apartment complex. Annie said, “He was parked on the side of the building and it was a fire lane all the way around.” The driver of the patrol car was police officer Tommy King, who said, “I came to my car and I saw a piece of paper on my windshield. I took it off and opened it and read it, and I started laughing immediately.” He added, “I thought it was neat that she made that for $10 but not to herself.” Mr. King paid the $10 fine, and he gave Annie a $40 gift card to Toys R Us. He said, “Turns out we’re both from Alabama and end up in Texas. It’s interesting … I made a friend. A lesson would be not to be shy or afraid of law enforcement. We’re here to help.”

Source: Dylan Stablepoint, “Texas teen gives police officer parking ticket.” Yahoo! News. 24 March 2014


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