C2E2 2014: Cosplay Highlights

Great photos.

Another Castle

The Great and Powerful C2E2! Image: Another Castle

This year’s C2E2 Convention in Chicago blew the doors for cosplay wide open. Before now, well known names of talented cosplayers had skated below the radar for some of Chicago’s local cosplayers. With panelists like Yaya Han and a cosplay championship purse of over $10,000, this year really solidified Chicago’s cosplay presence at C2E2.

Yaya Han’s panel exceeded expectations in every way. Having attended many a cosplay panel over numerous convention years, the bar has been reset. There have been good, decent, and poorly prepared; Yaya simply out shines them all. She is one of the leading creative artists constantly paving the way for professionalism in cosplay.

The best moment from this convention was an answer from Yaya in her panel. Asked how she felt about gender or race bending, and plus size cosplay; she responded that cosplay is about the artist behind the costume. It is…

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