Briggsybear: Good Girl Legend

Truly Kindness

Source: themajesticbeard, “There is truly kindness in the world.” Imgur. 29 August 2014

Truly Kindness 2

Source: themajesticbeard, “My daughter with the doll.” Imgur. 29 August 2014

On 29 August 2014, Redditor (and Australian themajesticbeard posted a Good Guy Greg meme (that should have been a Good Girl Gina meme) that stated, “HEARS ABOUT AN IMGURIAN BEING SCAMMED ON EBAY / BUYS THE DOLL AND SENDS IT AROUND THE EWORLD AS IF IT’S NO BIG DEAL.”

Emajesticbeard added this note:

“I recently put up a little post about what could I do about an eBayer not sending a Doll that my daughter purchased with her pocket money. It was past the 45 days eBay help so I was kind of stuck.

“The post didn’t go down well, with some people calling me a bad father for the price of the rare (in Australia) doll and others claiming I was telling tall tales.

“At that point I started to think Imgur may not be the fun supportive place that I once thought. You seemed to warm to my many sarcastic comments but a cry for help wasn’t wanted. I have deleted it now.

“All that aside one Imgurian sent me a private message offering to send the doll from England as they had them in stock over there. I asked how much and she replied, ‘It’s a gift.’

“To be honest I thought this might have been someone pulling my leg, but after several texts she convinced me that she was a genuine Good Guy (Girl) Greg.

“Briggsybear was the legend that went above and beyond to make a kid smile. She deserves some upvotes. (I’ve thrown quite a few her way already.)”

And yes, since this happened in 2014, it’s an Elsa Frozen doll.

For More Information: themajesticbeard, “There is truly kindness in the world.” Imgur. 29 August 2014

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